Gardening Work Gloves

Multipurpose for Farming, Ranching, Industrial, Automotive, Construction and More.

Durable For Safety Work

Durable safety work gloves excellent for most outdoor work such as pruning, landscaping, yard work, maintenance, plumbing, restoration work. Offered in 4 different sizes: small, medium, large and extra large to provide a great fit for both men and women.

Gilbert Valley Best Gardening Work Gloves
Gardening Work Gloves

Ideal for garden work

Ideal for garden work, planting, weeding, steel work, painting, woodworking, carpentry, mechanical, electrical, machining, cold conditions, parts handling, building, warehousing, industrial work, household work and the list goes on! See our easy to use size chart on the left to find the best fit for you.

Nitrile coated on the palms

Nitrile coated on the palms and thick on the fingers for ultimate hand protection, touch and abrasion resistant with a strong no-slip, dry grip. These lightweight comfortable working gloves are perfect and versatile for any outdoor job or garden chore. Even great for physical work outs. Protective and puncture resistant, they fit snug like a second skin.

The Best Gardening Work Gloves
Best Gardening Work Gloves

Thorn proof and reusable

Tough sturdy knitted red shell liner is wear resistant and skin breathable. Thorn proof and reusable, these heavy duty gloves offer superior flexibility and dexterity. Provides a long enough flexible and firm beaded cuff that keeps out dirt and debris. Cuff band may vary in color and will come in either black, red, dark brown or green.

Ergonomically Designed

Designed ergonomically, these all season utility gloves are multi functional, keeping your hands ultra cool in the summer and insulated warm in the winter. All purpose and touchscreen sensitive so you can use your phone while wearing glove. Bare hand and finger sensitivity at its best.

work gloves for gardening
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Gilbert Valley Gloves Has Got You Covered!

Gilbert Valley gardening gloves are so comfortable to wear, they make any household or yard chore so much more enjoyable! Whether it's doing inside dirty chores like laundry, cleaning away dust and dirt from your home, sweeping or moping floors, cleaning your vacuum filter or replacing your home air filter, these kinds of indoor activities require wearing adequate protection to keep your hands and nails free of dirt, germs and viruses.

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Multifuntional Usability

From gardening and landscaping, to farming and ranching, to doing automotive or restoration work, to woodworking and carpentry, to building and construction, to parts handling and steel work, to mechanical and plumbing, to any DIY work around the house, even for sports, physical work outs such as lifting weights, biking, climbing or cycling--Gilbert Valley gloves has got you covered!

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Designed For Smooth Use

The palms of the gloves are covered in a sandy finish nitrile coating that delivers a superior no-slip, dry grip designed for smooth, oily or slippery surfaces, while providing great strength, dexterity and flexibility on the fingers. Tasks such as lifting and moving furniture are a perfect example and these gloves are ideal for such jobs. Moreoever, these versatile gloves are ergonomically designed to keep your hands cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter while providing bare hand sensitivity at its best!

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Multipurpose & High Performing Gloves

Then there's the great outdoors and that's where Gilbert Valley are multipurpose, high performing gloves that can handle most outdoor, heavy duty jobs to protect your hands from dangerous cuts, burns, lacerations and abrasions. You've only got one set of hands. Why not keep them donned in the best, durable, high performance gloves in hand protection? These lightweight gloves are sleek, slide on easily and fit like a second skin.

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Ergonomically Designed For Durability and Comfort

Gilbert Valley gloves are superb and made with a highly durable nylon red knitted shell liner. This shell liner is lightweight and breathable for the skin, yet tough and sturdy enough to protect the top of your hands while engaging in your most tough-duty jobs.

best gloves for digging

Great Fit for Men and Women--Find Your Size!

Our gloves are a great fit for both men and women. They come in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. Follow our easy-to-use size chart to determine the best fit for you. Using a straight ruler, simply place it at the base of your palm and measure up to the tip of your middle finger. This number will provide you with the correct size. For hands measuring 6" to 7", we recommend size small. For hands measuring 7" to 8", size medium is recommended. For hands measuring between 8" to 9", a size large is appropriate. And for hands measuring 9" to 10", a size extra large is a good fit.

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